Random points, again randomly positioned on these points

Hello everyone

At the beginning I would like to thank you for asking a question here.
I hope to understand my English, because unfortunately it is not my mother tongue.

I arranged random points on a certain area (PopGeo).
Then I created boxes on them and they just happened to do it.
To do this, the function (CullPt) was used to get a minimum distance and to delete points that did not comply.

Now I would like to generate random points again on these boxes, in which I position boxes again.
The goal would be that there are randomly stacked boxes and it should be like towers, but by chance they are different in height.
So on a box only one or no point.

Thank you all very much

Yours MichaelWohung GR.3dm (3.1 MB)
Wohnung.gh (22.5 KB)

So you want that all boxes are the same size or not? If yes, I would recommend creating a grid of boxes and cull randomly out.

yes they are the same size. But the boxes are always randomly rotated and positioned. on these random boxes should again be a random grid. on a box maybe a better kicked box is. the goal is to create different shapes at different heights in the whole room. In the end it should look like the very Bad drawing :wink: