Random paneling on a countour of a round edge trimmed surface?

Hi everyone!

Following my question from last week (thanks @HS_Kim !), I’m trying to level-up my trimmed surface paneling, and create a definition (using LunchBox) that will create random paneling on a trimmed surface that is trimmed with round corners. I know I need to use the Random Quad Panels component, but can’t seem to integrate it in the definitions attached to this post.
I’m attaching a few related definitions created by members of this forum, plus my 3dm trimmed surface.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help with figuring out a solution!

DirtyTrim.gh (10.1 KB)
Edge Surfaces_reV2.gh (10.0 KB)
Random_unevenSubDiv_V1.gh (293.7 KB)

Round Edge Trimmed surface.3dm (92.9 KB)

Hi, Can you please sketch or show the result you are after?

OPTION 2.gh (6.5 KB)

OPTION 1.gh (8.0 KB)
referenced surface.3dm (138.9 KB)


Your underlying surface iso direction is alighned with WorldXY plane.
If you change the underlying surface orienation, then you get panels in the desired direction you indicated.

Does that help?