Random interpolate

hi, I would like to create a random series of curves interpolated between 3/4 points of (populate geometry) in order to create a random pattern? How can i do this?

ghirigori.gh (8.1 KB)


Provide internalized file.

Since you didn’t provide an internalized file I myself attached a basic surface file and tried it. Check this.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

complete file : ghirigori BVR re.gh (13.9 KB)


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Hi, thanks for your help, I try to explain you better: I’m looking for a way to make a kind of model like this attached on all types of surfaces brep and mesh

ghirigori BVR re (1).gh (10.8 KB) GHIRIGORI.3dm (588.4 KB)

Search for porcelain crack in Grasshopper forum. There are some example.
Look at this, the idea is also there but I don’t give not sell the 3d version

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