Random delete augmenting proportionally as distance to line diminishes

Has anybody solved this or can anybody help me out.

I have scattered elements spread evenly over an area. I would like to random delete elements but would like to keep 100% of elements that are farthest away and delete towards 90% of the elements closest to a certain line, and everything proportional in between.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

This may be a similar case to what you said…

RandomReduce_re.gh (8.6 KB)

Thanks a bunch!

What would it look like if the input were predefined scattered geometry instead of points ?

I’m trying to make it work for illustrated geometry bellow. So the objects in the polygones should be kept. The other discarded. Can’t seem to make it work with ‘point in BREP’ + Cull. Any ideas ?

Managed to solve it. Thanks again!