Random clinker front with grasshopper

Hello everyone!
Right now I’m working on my final architecture project and I’m struggling with some grasshopper code.

My idea: I want to do a randomised clinker facade, where the brick switches from the long site to the front to the short site facing the front. So I have a normal sized brick which randomly turns 90 degrees.

I attached a picture of my current code, the problem is now every brick has the same outline but a different depth.

This is what I want to archive

And ths is what I have right now

How can I combine my current code and my idea? Does anybody has a different approach to my task and can me help out?

Kind regards!

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Here’s one way.

clinker.gh (17.8 KB)


@kev.r Thanks a lot!! that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for your help :+1: