Random Branches vector generation

Dear all, I’m about to start a complex Grasshopper patch, thanks for your help and comments.
How to generate at the end of a vector from 1 to 5 branches randomly?

generate ‘what’ exactly at end of a vector?

Hello, from what I understand you will need recursion. Standard GH is not good at that. You will need a plugin (Anemone, …) or via coding (C#, VB, …). But you are not clear on the rules you need. Same length of branch ? Is direction totally random. if more than one branch, does the branch are equally spaced (same angle) ? Why ending a point ?

Hello Laurent, I’d like to precise then my needs.
thanks for asking.
actually all new vectors should have a random choice of 5 different length possible. and each end point could have a random choice of 5 new vectors and so on.

of course we are now in 2D space, but my project will be in 3D space. but maybe we will discuss this point after understanding the first one?

Hello Corellaman,
I’m talking about vectors, because vector are define by two points in space.
but let’s talk about lines then.