Ramp Railings Using Rhino Only (No Grasshopper)

Does anyone have any good workflows to create railings for a ramp or stairs going up? I’m sorry if it’s an easy question i’m still improving my knowledge of the software thanks in advance.

Hi Sasha - there could be a few ways to do this - can you please post a file with what you have so far?


ramps.3dm (1.6 MB)

yes sure.

Hi Sasha - is something like this what you are after?



yes, oh wow how did you do this!?

Hi Sasha - it kind of depends - is this to make a reasonable looking picture, or to fabricate the objects?
Here’s one way, since you already have flat versions of the railing -

ramps_PG.3dm (453.6 KB)


It’s for drawing purposes only, no fabrication! Thanks, this way is definitely a solution but what would also be the other way, just so I know for next time? Thanks again for the response.

hi @pascal when i use the command 4view on your file rhino says aurrevoir. tried several other files to see if my rhino got messed up but it only happens with you file repeatedly

using 7.8.21196.05002, 2021-07-15

Thanks, I’ll check it.
Works here so far…

Hello - well you could just build it in place - sweep the rails and place the verticals etc. But I’d do it this way…


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