RAM not clearing in Rhino

Hello all!

I’ve come across a peculiar problem in Rhino. The RAM usage does not seem to clear after prolonged usage, even after making a “New Document”. It only clears if I exit Rhino completely. This is problematic because I’m using a recursive grasshopper setup to simulate geometric growth, where I just press “Start” and let it run for a few days.

However, the RAM steadily increases until it inevitably gets completely used up. There is a maximum face limit as part of my script (reducemesh if it goes over 100,000 faces) so it ought to be a consistent amount of memory used. After clicking File -> New, and using the command GrasshopperUnloadPlugin, Rhino.exe is still sitting at about 8GB usage even as a blank document.

ClearUndo doesn’t make much of a difference. Is there a way for me to clear the memory being used by Rhino without completely exiting (so the script isn’t interrupted), or better, to prevent that memory leak from happening in the first place?

I had originally posted the problem on http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/anemone-leaking-ram but am also posting it here since it’s looking to be a Rhino issue and not a Grasshopper one.

http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/question-about-memory This person seems to have come across an identical problem but doesn’t seem to be resolved.


I ran into a similar problem when making a long scripted animation a number of months ago. I don’t believe any solution has been found for the problem, probably not for Rhino 5 anyway… --Mitch

Ah, this is disappointing. I had put down several hundreds of dollars buying RAM for these type of projects hoping to resolve the issue. Does anyone know if this is a matter that’s being looked into, or a workaround such as a program that’ll reset the memory usage of another program without force-quitting it?