Raising a shape with each corner at a different height

I have made this shape and need to raise each corner to specific different heights, however I only know how to raise the shape parallel to the ground. Are there any suggestions on how to raise each corner individually?

you can Sub-Select each corner by pressing Ctrl+ Shift and then change the height of them.
Also watching a sample of Sub-Selection in this link is helpful.


Read this to get a better response

Hi @natasha.fisher,

Assuming you don’t want to scale or shear your shape, but to rotate it into position, you need to add some temporary construction lines. The process goes like this:

  1. Create a horizontal plane at each corner and set each to the desired height of its corner:

  2. Move the shape to the height of the lowest corner:

  3. Make a vertical plane between the lowest corner and the (to be) 2nd highest (you may be able to extract a copy of the shape’s side for this:

  4. Draw a line from the corner that will be highest perpendicular to the edge between the other two corners:

  5. Draw an arc centred on the point where the perpendicular meets the edge, starting at the point and using the tilted option with the vertical edge below the corner setting the arc’s plane. Make sure the arc ends above the height plane for the corner:

  6. Group the shape with the perpendicular line and arc:

  7. Draw a second arc, centred on the lowest corner, starting at the second corner and using the tilted option with the vertical surface setting the plane of the arc:

  8. Use the height plane of the second corner to trim the arc:

  9. Use Rotate 3-D to move the 2nd highest corner. Set the rotation axis with the SurfaceNormal option, using the plane created in step 3, and setting the point on the plane to the shape’s lowest corner. Rotate from the 2nd corner to the top of the trimmed arc:

  10. Use the height plane for the highest corner to trim its arc:

  11. Use Rotate 3-D to move the final corner of the shape. Set the rotation axis to the edge between the first and second corners. Rotate from the third corner to the top of the trimmed arc:

  12. Clean up by removing the construction lines:

Hope that helps.


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