Raised text on mesh


I need to add some part numbers to a series of meshes that will be eventually 3d printed. I want to add the text as a raised surface on a part of the mesh. These parts have no flat surfaces so the text will have to follow the profile of the surface of the mesh.

If these were surfaces then I could add a solid text object then use something like splop to place the text then mesh and boolean it to the surface however this tool cannot be used on meshes.

I made manual prototype where I used a single stroke font on a surface near where I wanted it on the mesh, pulled the text curves to the mesh, then, using a circular profile at the endpoint of each segment of the text, did a sweep 1, meshed it and then merged this with the mesh.

I will eventually have a large number of these parts to label so I need a solution that does not require as much user intervention. Does anyone have any better ideas/methods to do this?


Hi Watzie,

you might drape one surface onto each of your meshes to use it in the splop command. Eg:

  1. Create all your text objects as solids
  2. Use _Drape, to put one surface onto each mesh where you want the text to appear
  3. Now _Splop all the text objects and use the _Mesh command to built them as meshes
  4. BooleanUnion the meshed text objects with your meshparts for printing
  5. Delete the Text (solids) and Draped surfaces


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