Railing script

Hi guys, I need to create this railing which has 2 types of racks, I have a script with just one type and I need to have different type of racks every 1.5 meters

SPO_Foyer Stairs Railings.gh (29.3 KB)

Will highly appreciate your help!


the solution is very simple, try the following steps in sequence maybe you will get the desired results -

  1. divide your curve using the Divide Distance component with 1.5m distance you will get points on the curve.

  2. create your 2nd type of railing that you want. also, create a small cube that will help you to remove points in 3rd steps

  3. Important step use point in breps component to find the point list that is in your 1st railing and then Cull(remove) those points.

(if don’t know how to use point in breps simple google it you will find the answer)

and then done.