Rail Revolve question

I’m trying to make a realistic flower on rhino 8. I drew the shape first. Then I used rail revolve to get that 3d effect. I finally used the project command to project the flower shape onto the rail revolve. I’m trying to split or trim the rail revolve so I can only get the flower petal shape, but the software isn’t allowing. What am I doing wrong?

When I use split, I get this on the command bar: Split failed, objects may not intersect or intersections may not split object.

hard to help with out an images or a file-

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(you can drag n drop rhino / 3dm files directly into the input / post window. … )

What am i doing wrong?

What is causing Split to fail is probably something way too small to see from a screen capture.

In order for Split to work in Top view the curve needs to completely divide the surface into two parts. If there is some little gap somewhere then Split will fail.

In a Top view you might try zooming in to the ends of the curve and seeing if the curves reach all the way to the edge of the surface.
That is the most likely place where the failure might occur.
You might try extending the ends of your curve if you aren’t sure they go far enough.

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