Rail in sky


Hello!!! I want to create a rail, in fact a shape with three rails, and an array of “V-shape”, wich is a rail of an attraction… But each time I try, the upper two rails go “under” , and it’s the same with the array… If I try the array with “parralel to the C plane”, the array is not fine ( a gap when the V shape “turns”)… I draw in black what would be the perfect shape! How to solve !!! thank you for help!

(David Cockey) #2

This was created using Sweep2. The upper rail is between the ends of the V. Cross-section curves do no have to touch the rails.
TwistDC01.3dm (50.4 KB)


Thank you so much, David!! I’m going to try your solution!!! (unfortunely, I don’t have your recent version of Rhino, so I can’t open your file)… Thank you again!!!


in fact, I probably miss something, because the array is really “broken”, when the curves turn… cooper-rail.3dm (5.0 MB)
I attach the file, because I think that the fact that the curves are also “going” from the background to the foreground complicate deeply the problem!

(David Cockey) #5

Here is a V2 version of my file which you should be able to open. TwistDC01V2.3dm (23.2 KB)