Radiussed fillets corrupt when a surface is extruded

When extruding surface I get corrupted radiussed fillets
see attache PDF

extrude surface fillet errors .pdf (670.7 KB)

Hi -

Hi - you can play with the display mesh settings.
See the links in this post:

In the future, please just paste the image straight into your post.

Hello - run the command DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes on the object. Does that clean it up?


Dear Pascal

There are two solids in my drawing.

When I run your command one cleans up ok but not the other ? I get a message saying “one object could not be divided”



Hi Logikman - in that case, the mesh settings will be the thing to use. Feel free to post the object (and input curve as well, please).