Radius of the circle

Hello friends
When two sections of a box intersect
I wanted to create the radius of the circle based on the maximum distance in each node.
cover.gh (126.3 KB)

Thread title sounds deceptively simple. This GH model is not.


cover-v2.gh (120.5 KB)

What Rhino version are you using?

Rhino 7

Your Kangaroo is not up to date, at least in your first file

The latest version of Rhino

Well v2 was ok

Like this?

cover-v2.gh (110.1 KB)

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Regarding the creation of the beams, I’d like to suggest an improvement:

Instead of your solution with the cluster and Pufferfish to offset the curves and then extrude twice and boolean union, you could create a center box on an oriented perp frame…

cover-v2.gh (119.5 KB)