Radiation by GH algorithm, not by Ladybug

I have no insights to offer about solar radiation, sorry. Looks like you did a good job with shadows, which I seem to have broken somehow… I was playing around with Mesh Shadow which basically produces outlines of the shadow areas. In the process, I tried a few things.

  1. Used Solid Union on the stack of boxes so I have only one shadow instead of one for each box.
  2. Added a cyan group to “ignore first and last” points on the sun path, as they seemed to cause problems.
  3. Added optional Plane Normal to the ‘P’ input of MShadow which, I believe, shows the actual surface area of the building receiving sunlight? (can be disconnected)
  4. Noticed that due to the placement of your sun path arc relative to the center point, the sun rays (yellow) are not in the plane of the arc, which I think they should be? So I added the sun path code I wrote a few days ago:

Obviously, our sun paths are mixed up about which way is north! And again, my sun path widget is oversimplified…

2019_11_11_radiation_2019Nov12a.gh (492.6 KB)

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