Radial Modelling Advice

Hi guys,

I am having a hard time working with radial geometry: arcs, etc. for a concept design. I need to try different things, scales, widths, angles but I am finding it extremely inflexible and cumbersome.

For example: What could be the easiest way to go from the blue shape to the light blue shape? I was not able to achieve it with any command and I opted for redrawing the arcs with curves and creating a new surface.

Not sure why there is no ExtendSrf with Arc option… or offset and edge from a surface. That would be really usefull

It also would be really nice to set the Gumball to always point towards a center, in that way i can easily move objects towards or away.

Or to permanently set it at a fixed location for all objects. That way I can always rotate from the same fixed point.

It looks like you are creating boundary curves, and then using PlanarSrf to create a surface within the curves. That results in trimmed surfaces.

Try using Revolve to create the surfaces using a line along one straight edge as the curve to revolve. That will create untrimmed surfaces with isocurves being radial lines and circumferential arcs.

Use Line “perpendicular” to the inner or outer arc and then trim

And if I want to extend instead? aka have a bigger angle

For just arcs you can easily create these by revolving a line.

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Okay, and how would that help me later to manipulate the surfaces? I tried but I still can’t extend and edge radially nor reduce its width:

To go from left to right I basically had to redraw the line and revolve again…

For some rather subtle reasons, arcs/circles can be a bit odd to deal with, and so part of your problem is created by that. I’d suggest making an oversized “master” surface - think of a record - little hole in the middle - just by lofting two circles together. Then, instead of extending, Split them by Isocurve in either direction to get the interactive editing you’re looking for. Way better in this particular case to reduce in size from one big surface than extend a smaller one.

Or play with radii and angles to your heart’s content in Grasshopper and bake the result when you are happy. Change your mind? Delete a surface and bake a new one.
WedgeMaker.gh (22.1 KB)

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When it’s so easy to make, why manipulate. You can make a new one with less clicks it would take you to manipulate.

… or make a 360degree one and trim it. This way you can always untrim it and split by isocurves.

Also … extend surface already works on revolutions

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Awesome! Thanks!