Radial extrude visualisation - using Excel data (GhExcel)

Hello Forum.
I’m trying to create a radial bar chart visualisation.
It’s based on a circle divided into 365 sections [days].
Using GhExcel, the idea is to input Excel data to ‘extrude’ the continuous heights of a bar chart shown in a radial pattern - see: bottom left sketch.
Radial.gh (22.2 KB)

Radial.gh (22.2 KB)
Instead, I’m stumped on how I can get the radial pattern to work…it seems to stack up on itself (as shown in the ‘detail render’). Perhaps I need a radial series… Please help!
It seems I can’t upload an Excel (to provide the data input)…but it’s simple to create a ‘panel’ with data as an example.
Any direction, suggestions or fixes would be most useful.
Kind regards,

Hi Jason.
Your attached file doesn’t contain any data. The data is on the excel file…
(Also, I don’t have the plugin needed to read excel files.)

Can you upload another .gh file with internalized data after the excel plugin?

Radial-v2.gh (8.6 KB)

…with internalised numbers

Radial-v2.gh (11.5 KB)

Your value list is 425 long, more than 365 … i omitted values then.

Hope it helps…

This is sweet.
Thank you Riccardo
A great solution. Thanks for the time.
Kind regards,