Radial Dimension Bug?


Exporting a radial dimension to .dwg/.dxf from V7 changes Radial Dimension Text from ín line to above line.


Also, if you have a colon in the dimstyle name it becomes an underscore on exporting, creating a new dimstyle on the round trip.

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Is there some reason you didn’t include your sample file?

Radial Dim Example.3dm (33.5 KB)

Here you go John, thanks

Hi Brian -
I’ve added
RH-61525 - File IO: DXF: Annotation style for radial dimensions
RH-61526 - File IO: DXF: Annotation style name with colon

Note that Lowell commented the following in another YouTrack item:

There are some things that are possible in Rhino that don’t have equivalents in AutoCAD so they can’t be exported to dwg.