Radial & diameter dims placing

In V5 (and in V6) the two above dimension types don’t pay attention to either the ortho setting, or direction set with the tab key, which means you can’t use these aids to place the dimension.

I feel this is a mistake, and should be fixed…

I see we are still getting service releases for V5, so perhaps this might be included in the next one?


Hi Tony - do you mean that with Ortho the dimension location -arrow tip - on the curve should find the quads if Ortho is on, or would this apply to how the dimension arrow/leader is placed after the location on the curve is set?


I mean that once the dimension point is placed (in the centre of the circle or arc) I’d like the placing of the leader line to optionally be constrained by ortho or the tab key, instead of being free.
Or to put it another way, suppose you were to draw a line from the centre of a circle; you place the beginning point using the centre snap, and then you have the option of placing the end point by snapping to some other geometry, or constrained by ortho, or locking the direction with the tab key, or just placing it freehand.
I’d like the placing of the dimension to be exactly like that.
Thanks pascal

Yeah, I see - the thing is, the line in your example if not constrained to the curve, but the dimension is - so you can snap to points with Osnap but Ortho does not work - currently. It looks to me like it is the same as starting Line in the Cen of a circle then using OnCrv to constrain the line end to the circle - Ortho also does not care about that. I do not know if it is easy or hard or out of the question or what to mix a constraint like that with Ortho. Somehow I suspect hard, but I"ll ask.