RADEON 7950 for rhino

Anyone using this card? there is a great deal on it right now…


I don’t know this card personally but if it’s the vram of 3gb that you’re after I’d look at the GTX 660 3gb model too in this price range. The GTX 760 also comes in a 4gb vram flavor for just over $300. I think you have a few options and I’d lean towards cuda over opencl for the stream processors because it’s more often used in other apps for acceleration.

my 2 cents

Hi there, I know it’s an old thread, but the story is the same, so:
I have this card here now and tested it with Holomark2,
and it is faster than a lot of other cards.
I got this one here in Germany for 150€, so figure…
At stock settings it scores higher than overclocked,
because GPU11 went out of the roof, no idea why.
This card can be securely overclocked to 1150/1400MHz,
that’s the second score.
I will not buy Nvidia for a time, as they seem quite arrogant or ignorant.
Anyway, this AMD here is 28nm technology, so relating to power consumption, that isn’t much different to Nvidia’s.
As for how many polys it can handle comfortably and workable with, 4 million is no problem.
I have a file here with 850Mb and about 23million polys, and testmaxspeed at settings alias 2 nearest and low is 33 seconds. A smaller file, a fifth of it with 4.5 million, and testmaxspeed is done in 6.2 seconds.
At stock settings of the card.

I need to apologize. As I didn’t think it important for Rhino, I didn’t mention
that I use this card with a modified driver, it’s called FirePro-9.003.3 modded, and it makes supposedly this
firepro driver use a consumer card from those days in 2012 like a pro one.
With great results for solidworks etc. Today I tested this card with a consumer driver, and the results did not differ
as much, as with the 7970, but there are differences: