R8 Print Display utterly unreliable with multiple documents

In R7, while a bit of a PITA every document when opened required you to run Printdisplay to turn it on for that documents layouts in order to see what you are getting (often model space is massively different in architectural work)

For example:

Model space


Same thing in layout view WITHOUT printdispaly:


And this can be FAR worse depending on what you get from an architectt and how they set their layers up. Without print display in layout view it may be utterly unviewable.

Further we have standardized layers across all file types for certain stuff that’s totally viewable in model space but tends to be way less so in layout view:


Normally this is no big deal, open the doc, and when you go to the first layout turn printdispaly on for the doc and it’s fine until you have to close and reopen it.

V8 breaks this in ways that just insane.

As before, the status apparently isn’t saved with the the document.

Unlike before, sometimes turning it off with document selected for layout because just turning it on doesn’t work you have to turn it off, THEN on in order to get it to work.

Further for some documents, it gets turned ON in model space where you’ve never turned it on, resulting in all your non print layers vanishing.

In these cases sometimes you need to toggle it on , then off 3 or 4 times before it’ll “take” when you hit done.

Why it touches the model space printDisplay is beyond me, in fact until V8 I didn’t even know it existed for model space. And why it randomly opens with it turned ON in model space (sometimes but not always) is further confusing as it’s utterly intermittent even on the same document.

But wait, there’s more.,

So document #1 opened, and both model and layout are correct in terms of print display.

Now open a few documents ALL of which have layouts and the real misery begins.

Open doc #2:
Fortunately in this case the model space printdisplay is off.

I turn layout PD on. Nothing happens. it’s still off and all my non printing layers are there.
Turn it on. Turn it off. On / Off /On Off / nada.

Fine, switch from document to global …

Layout PD on/ off / on / off/ … Nope doesn’t work.

Go back to Doc #1: Now IT"S PD is off again in layout mode (set in document vs global).

Go back to doc #2: In document mode it’s actually off but SHOWS on. Click from document to global and it pops on (visually) and shows on status wise.

Go back to doc #1 (note with ZERO changes to PD in either doc) and layout has just magically turned OFF:

Back in Doc 2, PD is showing layout on for both DOC and Global:

Now go back to doc 1, and without touching anything it’s layout has PD On as well

So finally after several minutes of fidgeting, I’ve managed to get both in sync where what PD shows for both model and layout space in both document and global match both in terms of the dialogs settings and what’s actually happening…


I have the audacity to open a 3rd doc, at which point things start to get really weird:

My block detail labels are beyond jacked up:

Note that the values that should be in detail 2 are now on detail 1 as well as detail one’s and 2 shows nothing (even though it’s display the text attribute for the block showing #2, but is rendering the rest of the block over at the detal 1 instance:.

Clicking on detail 2 forces it to redraw and then things start to look ok:

But my detail frames don’t pop up until I click all over the layouts::

Sometimes the page only half renders unless I hop to model space and come back to layout.

Ok so with that fixed I head back to doc 2, change layouts and it for some inexplicable reason has opened the detail to model space, even though I hadn’t visited this particular detail at all since opening the document.

Now I got lucky on this attempt as the PD settings actually. reflect both the global (and here’s the kicker) THE LAST SETTING OF DOCUMENT PD for layouts which is on (and the vast majority of the time on initial opening of a document where I’d previously set them on both Doc and Global and saved, they do not, which typically results in starting this circus all over again.

It gets worse as you open more and more documents from what I’ve seen thus far.

If I manage to get multiple docs “stabilized” and save all of them, then quit completely and re open the circus starts all over again.