R8 Layout default color

Hi guys, why are you insisting on gray paper spaces for the layouts?
We and architects use a lot of gray lines to make illustrations readable and they all get lost on the default gray background, so I always set this to white instead.

I think you should update the default color to white, but I would like to know if there is a reason for the default gray that you use? I can understand the ease on the eye if all you draw is black lines, and if that’s the case then maybe it could be a layout toggle instead of a Rhino setting?


The default selection color is yellow which doesn’t work too well on white.

I guess that argues for a different selection color in layout space… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, that would be the rabbit hole we would probably have to go down. There would probably be other colors as well.

Thilly wabbit…

OK, thanks for the explanation. If this is the reason then I agree with Mitch, we need to go that rabbit hole. White is a desired background color for many designers to 3D model in too.

The layout page color can be changed in the application settings if you want. This will also mean you’ll probably want to adjust the regular modeling viewport background color, all selection colors and the colors you use for layers when modeling.

I’m just pointing out that this color is available for changing. I understand the feature request to make white the default.

True, everyone has their own set of colors. I use mostly a dark background (70,70,70) for modeling and the yellow selection highlight color works fine there. But like Jørgen, I like to see my layouts with a white background because I’m going to be printing them on white paper.

I know some people who have gone to “gold” as a highlight color because it’s more visible on white and lighter gray backgrounds. But I am far too used to yellow to go that route for the modeling window.

Hello Steve
Using Rhino 8
Cant see any rabbit hole yet
For sure,
I can change my layout “space” to white but my layout “page” background is still gray…

Where is this “application” setting ?
I don’t need white as default.
But still can’t find the layout “page” colour settings

Can you please help ?

Many thanks

It is under options…appearance settings. I’m on my Mac at the moment, but hopefully it is close enough to get you where you want to go. I changed the layout color to megenta

Whaou how fast you are !
OK found it
I had changed the “Layout dialog box” color … not the layout color …
Windows print screen looks like this :slight_smile:

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