R8 - how do i control linetypescale for printing?

This does not affect Linetype scale in Rhino 7 either.
This only affect Annotations scale like text and dimensions.
But I do understand that you also use model scale for annotations.

Rhino 7 did this with a setting in the Print display.
Command : PrintDisplay
Print Display (Layout Viewports) ( State=Off Color=Print LayoutLinetypes=On )
or for Model unit scaling
Print Display (Layout Viewports) ( State=Off Color=Print LayoutLinetypes=Off )

This is MIA in Rhino 8.
I have logged RH-79524/Add-LayoutLinetypesOn-Off-back-to-PrintDisplay

You will be notified in this thread when there is a fix.

Thanks for letting us know this was important to your workflow.
Mary Ann Fugier

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