R7 RhinoScriptCompiler - date of compilation of Yak package

Hi all,
is there a way of telling the date a Yak package was created from Python scripts using the R7 script compiler? I mean from a Python command that is part of the yak package (rhp).
We are using our in-house repo, which is simply a folder on a network drive. I am hoping to be able to do this without having to pull the yak package’s creation time from the file in the backup folder on the repo drive. Something a bit more elegant…
Many thanks

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Maybe the best place to put this info is on the About YourPlugin command, using the AboutDialog which is also available from python.

It seems the approach described in this old-ish post still works (slighly modified):

Searching for ‘Module’ in the RHP, then seeking backwards 70 bytes gives the first of the four releavant bytes. The first int16 is the date (since 1 Jan 2000), the second one is the time (only counting every other second).

This only seems to work for Python packages created with the RhinoScriptCompiler.