R7.4 offline install package issue

rhino_en-us_7.4.21040.13001.exe, when executed on an online machine via the gear and the “offline package” request, produces the Bootstrapper.exe file but then fails with the same screen that it produces when it doesn’t find the proper redist file on the offline machine. No redist file appears on the online machine.

Thanks, I logged https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-62777

Good. Turns out the same thing happens with rhino_en-us_7.3.21039.11201.exe.

Are they both looking for the same redist?

In any case, can you provide me with a link to download the redist(s), or will it be fixed for next week?


I don’t know, I haven’t had a chance to look into this yet.

Apologies. My bad. Due to the infrequency of redist updates (about once a year recently) I completely forgot about one little important detail: If an out-of-date redist file already exists in the same directory as the installer program the installer just fails with no clue as to the cause:

It took quite a while for the light bulb in my head to turn on and even then it was almost by accident. I think it would be very helpful to include a sentence as the first item in the “OR from a computer with internet access” section which says something like:

  1. Ensure there is no existing file with the name “redist” in the directory containing the installer.

or maybe it could just put up a simple reminder window. Or maybe just overwrite the old one. Or maybe rename the old one as eg: redist_02_14_2020 and write the new one.

Another interesting thing I discovered while playing with this issue is that the installer fails as above if there is a redist file in the installer directory which is not the one the installer is looking for, but if it is a prior download of the desired one it appears to go ahead and download (or redownload) a couple of language packs. By design or anomaly??

EDIT: I guess i should say “redist folder” instead of “redist file”.

Clearly neither of us remembered this little detail. What would you think if the offline installer just automatically deleted the redist folder if it already existed?

Well, the question did crop up in my thoughts, but I didn’t put any time into imagining the ramifications. Taking the conservative approach, I just renamed the old one.

I suppose it all comes down to whether a user might want to roll back to a previous installation for some reason. If the old installation can’t work with the new redist. This is getting pretty far out on the “what if” tree. I suppose if the user can always get a reversion installer from you guys there’s really no reason for the old one to stay around. If the user knows ahead of time what’s going to happen and is sophisticated enough to care he/she can take whatever action they think appropriate on their own.

To answer your question directly: I don’t think it I would care at all. Especially if the install runs successfully. :slightly_smiling_face:

in an ideal world IMHO your installer download web page would not only request your account id and language but notify you if the particular installation needs a new redist and ask if you need to download it. In a really ideal world it would also notify you of the date on the most recent offline help file and ask you if you would like to download it and then proceed to download everything you’ve asked for while you go do something else.

Anyway, I got yesterday’s RC installed successfully today so all is good.