R6 wishlist: More selection options

Hello, first of all- thanks for Rhino, I just love using that software.
Some things though could still easily be improved upon.
The select toolbar is getting a little messy and should be organized in flyouts by category.
For example all “Select by/with…” could be put in one flyout.
The dimension selections should be in one flyout and the text selection in a different one.

Some new selection options i wish for:

Select (lines) by print width
Select by print color?
Select hatch by pattern
Select hatch by scale
Select hatch by rotation
Select text by font
Select text by size
Select lights by type (maybe in the lights tab: make multiple lights selectable and add rightclick flyout with select objects option)

There might be many more properties that could be selected by, this is just what i often come across.




Added to Wish List

My guess is most or all of this can be scripted- I’ll see if I can come up with a short term solution for this as soon as I get a chance.


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Save your strength Pascal - I already have a bunch of this type of selection tools - most of which will be in my soon to be released toolset for Mac Rhino - and I think I can add most of these.

In my own workspace I have sets of selection by object type and selection by object property. Most of the requests above fall into the second category.

I currently have as object types:
lines (already in V5)

and as object properties:
curves by length, linetype
closed planar curves/surfaces/meshes by area/volume
arcs/circles by radius
planar curves/surfaces

I can add most of Ramon’s requests fairly easily. I have a fairly busy week this week, I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can.


Sounds good, Mitch, thanks.


Hi Mitch
Make it for both platforms, please. :slight_smile:

No worries, they will be… Everything I do these days is in Python, and 99% work on both. I script on Windows and test on both.


Just to let you know that I have all of these done, plus more:

Select curves by print width
Select objects by print color
Select hatches by pattern
Select hatches by scale
Select hatches by rotation
Select text by font
Select text by size
Select lights by type

However, I am trying to put my first package together for Mac Rhino (in which these will go too); some of them still need some testing plus there are at least 50 other scripts to go in the package. So it will be a little while yet. I am planning on putting out the Mac toolset first, then updating my existing Windows toolset. As you cannot import custom toolbars on Mac Rhino like you can with Windows Rhino, the Mac toolset will be entirely alias-driven.

A few of the above are a bit limited on the Mac because of missing functions, for example you cannot call up certain dialogs such as the color picker via script yet. So the Mac and Windows versions of those are a bit different.


Wow! You are fast! That is fabulous, I’m really looking forward to test the integration on windows.
Have a nice weekend!

Von meinem Samsung Gerät gesendet.

On the topic of selection tools for the R6 Wishlist, could there be an undo and redo for selection changes? In some software, such as Maya, when you add or remove objects to the current selection it puts that into the undo queue, which can be really helpful sometimes. For example, when you have a lot of objects selected and you accidentally click and deselect everything, this is a big timesaver. I don’t think that it should be in the standard undo-redo queue, but if there were a separate queue for selection changes similar to undoview and redoview (with hotkeys like [Home] and [End]).


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5 years later… This is still listed as “Future”.


I am really surprised that the current WIP/V7 still does not have essential tools such as SelCircle, SelArc etc.


Rhino 7 already has so many commands (1006) that very few users can memorize them. We do not need more selection commands. We need one selection command similar to Selection Filter control. I would place all new and old selection commands into this new selection control. If this new command/control is named Sel, and you want to select circle by typing the command in the command prompt, you would type Sel C Enter. (C = circle = command option)

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