R6 feedback. Things I don't like

I thought that too but I didn’t want to be too greedy. :wink:

I noticed that you can’t change the size of the images in the tabs. Even if I pick the larger resolution nothing happens.



Rhino should be able to compute that image size too based on the tab height.


i am hardly missing the “one shot between” object snap in the Osnap dock bar. What happened to it ?


Hi Clement- there are two levels of one-shots in V6/WIP - one with Shift and one with Ctrl… does that do it?


Ah great. I had “Project” enabled in the Osnap panel and therefore “Between” did not stand out visually as it appears in the same place. It’s really hard to notice when all the other snaps are looking identical when Shift is pressed…


@pascal, i think it should be be flagged as a glitch, since the “Between” snap carries over the checkbox (and state) from the “Project” snap. While Shift is pressed, nothing should be checked and “Between” should get the same checkbox behaviour like all other one-shot snaps.


Hi Clement - thanks, I see that.



RH-38169 Is now fixed and will be in the next release.

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RH-38169 is fixed in the latest WIP

Much better. Thank you!

There is also something what I don’t like.

  1. It’s very strange when I select a curve and the points are automaticly shown. So please fix it. In a very complex 3D model, it could be irritating. Furthermore you could move the points provided.

  2. Please change the UI! Rhino looks like a toy, not like a tool. Who is using rhino mostly? I think designers. And I don’t know one single designer who likes the UI and the Icons. Please bring the Icons and the UI to the 21 century.

Thank you!

If you don’t like it, turn it off:
Rhino Options > Mouse > Selecting > Allow selecting objects with points on

Rhino Options > Mouse > Selecting > Turn on control points when selecting a curve, light or annotation

Making a UI that nobody will object to is an exercise in futility.