R6 Dims Fit text HintLeft HintRight

What are they supposed to do? How are they different from just Left Right?

Fit text should have an option Above line or Inside should already throw text above line (it’s never good inside of Inline dim), 'cause it fits more small dim situations better than any Left/Right. It’s also should be a default in Fit text (Auto).

Hello -

Like so?



YES! Exactly!

See more here: Cannot Rotate Dimension Text

So, from what I understand, HintRight and HintLeft in R6 does the same thing as just Right, Left Fit Text. How were they supposed to differ?

From the help file:

HintLeft and HintRight are automatically selected based on where you pick to place the dimension line. Picking on the left, HintLeft is selected. Picking on the right, HintRight is selected. When the dimension is changed, and the dimension text no longer fits between the extension lines, the dimension text will be moved to the left or right side.

See the video here:

Oh, I see. Neat feature. I wish architectural workflows had neat features like that.