R6 Bug: MeshRepair-dialog disappears

I wanted to take a screenshot of the MeshRepair dialog (screenshot shown below) but the dialog disappears when deactivating Rhino (to poke on the Snip button.

Resulting in the following:

Fig 1. (Um, no screenshot could be taken of the dialog)

[ no wannabe screenshot could be taken ]

// Rolf



When deactivating Rhino. Yes, PrintScreen works, but not using any other screen capture tools which means deactivating Rhino as the active window. I think that is a bug.

BTW, congrats to winning the final in Hockey! Cool. My wife (from Finland) just can’t stop mocking me. :wink:

// Rolf

winshifts is the shortcurt to the improved snip tool of Windows (it also lets you annotate your screen captures…).

Hiding of those floating bits and pieces of Rhino is a “feature”, you can try using the command TestHideOnDeactivate to change that behavior.

I thank you as a Dutchman, we have watched the final game several times now in our house… I also can arguable celebrate the win of Netherlands in the Eurovision song contest (but I haven’t really listened to that).

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Doesn’t seem to work on my machine. Newly added Win- update?

// Rolf


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I think october update of windows 10.