R5 Toolbar bug (with RMB only)


When expand the list of toolbars in the “main” or “sidebar” and select one, then the commands are executed correctly

But if select any button on toolbar (float to top mode) without opening the entire list of panel, then on the right mouse button will _DupBorder. This command is always assigned to all buttons!
When enabled “float to top” in other panels with toolbars, right mouse button does not nothing action.

This problem was not in R4

Also this bug with right mouse button are present in the “MRU Tool Bar Button Sidebar”
How to add buttons to the this panel? There now only 20 buttons

Hi leex,

Thanks for taking the time to illustrate the issue you’re seeing. I have tried to reproduce this here in SR5 but am not seeing it. I may be doing things differently however. Can you list the exact steps you take to make this happen?

I tried this…
1- edit any button in a sidebar and choose float to top.
2- mouse over any other sidebar button that has LMB and RMB commands mapped to it.

You could try the command ToolbarReset too but this will put the toolbars back in their default positions. Please let me know if I’m missing a step to reproduce this and I’ll try again.

Hi Brian! Thanks for your response!

it is right
You can to assign the any command for RMB.
And unfortunately, this command will hang on all the other icons of this panel.
On the illustrations I gave an example with the panel toolbars “Curve From Object”. there “Duplicate Border” is assigned to all the toolbars RMB

I tried ToolbarReset. After restoring by default, I choosed float to top. But it works the same as before.
I attach my toolbar to help better understand the problem. 5.rui(5.5 MB)

Pay special attention to the panels:

“Curves from object” on the sidebar RMB always hanging “DupBorder”.

“Surface Creation” and “Solids Creation” does not show the RMB command.

“Meshes” RMB always hanging “Polysurface from mesh”

Hi Leex- this has been fixed for SR6- ‘Float to top’ was incorrectly floating only the RMB macro to the top, leaving the icon and LMB un-changed.

Thanks for the report.


Thanks Pascal
Please tell, when will the first release Rhino6?
Is there a beta?