R3D MAC - Boolean-Diff - Error - Water Bottle tutorial

I posted on Vimeo about this issue and was asked to post this problem here with the work file and exact steps taken, so here goes: I’m using the latest Rhino 5 build: 5A783w

I did this one quick and simple to retest the error.

  1. In front view: start poly line, type in 0 to create 1st point, hold shift and create first horizontal line. Rinse and repeat except for angles, used option key (OSnaps) to verify that angle points line up. Overshot the last line on top ( went past 0). Did not close line. right click ( or return) to end command.
  2. In Front View: create single line, type in 0, hold shift and create a perfect vertical line through bottle outline. Use this line to trim overshot top segment to guarantee it is exactly at 0. Delete vertical line.
  3. In front View: turn on history. start revolve command and select bottle outline and right click. Type in 0 and right click, hold option ( I also used shift and got same results) and select top point on 0 and right click. Click on “Full Circle”. Creates a perfect solid water bottle. Hide original water bottle outline.
  4. In perspective view showing top of bottle solid: Run shell, type in size and right click ( I’m in mm in this one and typed in 2. I ran this in inches in the exact way shown on video with same result ). Click and click on top plane of water bottle solid. right click and it is hollowed out.
  5. Front view: create poly line. turn on grid snap and click on 0 near top of bottle. turn grid snap off. Hold shift and create other lines for the cap. Overshot last line then created a single line from 0 vertically up ( same as first time) and trimmed excess. Deleted vertical line. These are not closed lines but in a C shape.
    SIDE NOTE: I don’t know if this is normal, but for some reason holding option ( turning on OSnaps) will not allow me to highlight the first point of my poly line. Only points created thereafter highlight. I have the same OSnaps options enabled as shown in video.) This seems strange to me.
  6. In Front View: enable history and run revolve. Select the cap outline and right click. type in 0 and right click. Next hold shift and create a straight vertical line and click again. click on “full circle” to create a perfect solid cap.
    This is where the file I uploaded is saved. If I now do the next step I get the error.
  7. run Boolean Difference. Click on Cap and right click. Click on bottle and right click. Error message: The Boolean Difference command broke history on 1 object.

I got this to work only 1 time and I have tried this many many times. I don’t know why I get this. I am pretty certain I followed these exact same steps the one time it did work. The only difference being the shapes were simple rectangles.
Boolean_Diff_error.3dm (254.6 KB)
Another Note: Wherever I say right click I often hit return instead.
Thanks for helping me out.

This isn’t really an “Error” message - it’s a warning that the history on the model was broken by the Boolean operation. This is normal, any operation that modifies objects like this - trimming, splitting, joining, etc. - will break the history. If it doesn’t say “Boolean difference failed” and the result looks OK, then you’re fine.

You can turn off the “history break warning” by typing -History and clicking the appropriate setting on the command line to turn it off.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks Helvetosaur,
I guess I ran myself around for nothing. I know that tutorial inside and out now so I guess that is something :smile:

  • Jeremy