R studio connection

Hi there!

I have been working for a while with Rstudio for urban data mapping / GIS etc etc
actually I find the capabilities and the learning curve quite amazing

now I am missing some kind of connection between R studio and grasshopper, was wondering if anyone has the same wish-list and if know about a way of implementing it?

long shot, I know…

Hey @jorgesainzdeaja, I’ve moved your question to the Grasshopper category where you’ll (hopefully) will get more attention.

– Dale

Do you mean this RStudio? https://rstudio.com/

I assumed this:

But I guess we’ll wait and see…

– Dale

yes, exactly this !

its is really good to handle large amounts of data, and specifically for geographic data
quite good the packages for shp data and networks calculations as Space Syntax metrics
as well the way of sharing reactive documents with Shiny or Rmarkdown is something stupidly good! I encourage you guys to take a look to it of you don’t know it

at the moment I am exporting all geometry and associated data as CSV files and reading back in grasshopper, which is not painfull at all, but is time consuming

as well R have some basic geometry capabilities, you can import any shp geometry and obj or stl files, but mesh geometry is quite limited and painfull to work with …

on the other hand rayshader package is really good for rendering 3d maps in R…

looks like I am part of the R team, and I am trying to sell it to you guys hahahaha, but no is just simply a good way of implementing code in Geographic data


Well Rhino and GrassHopper include Python, and there are a number of ways to combine R with python.

You should be aware that Rhino and GrassHopper use Ironpython version 2.7 not modern CPython version 3, so you need libraries which are compatible with python 2.7 and have no compiled C code inside such as numpy. That may be a stumbling block for this use case…

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