R 6 using Parallels Issue with Annotation Text display

I’ve had an issue with my annotation text not displaying since I’ve reinstalled all software on my computer. The text prints, the screen just won’t display it. I was running Windows 10, Parallels 14 and Rhino 6 without issue prior to needing to wipe my computer. I know that Rhino does not support Parallels, but like I said, it all worked perfectly until my reinstall. I’ve updated my radeon driver and reinstalled windows. Does anyone have any idea of what the issue might be? I know that the issue is Parallels, but it did work before.

Sorry, text not displaying correctly is a known issue for Rhino running on Parallels. If you are going to use a virtual machine, I would recommend VMWare instead. They support a higher OpenGL level which Rhino needs for display purposes.

I see. I am still stumped that it worked until mid December. I’ll check out VMWare unless anyone else has any recommendations. Thanks!