Quite Large Circles

I want have a little fun drawing some large what-if things. Is there a setting to make circles and curves smoother at this quite large scale. I suspect that it’s not an internal limitation?

@jeff I’m assuming changing the mesh settings will not affect this. Any Ideas here?

I’d see if inserting a few knots InsertKnot > Automatic, two or three times, does anything. The number of spans would increase and maybe tessellate more finely.


@theoutside What Pascal just said… Also, @stevebaer might know of some setting that will reduce the tolerance used when breaking up curves into individual segments during the drawing.


RebuildCrvNonUniform with 20 points looks nice on a circle with 20000000 mm radius.

Pascal has it right. The display code converts curves into Beziers and then draws each Bezier with an upper limit of divisions. If you end up with more Beziers, you can get more divisions.

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that is obviously a display issue. when you make a circle (does not even have to be a big one) and zoom in in perspective you can see that the circle displays as a polygon. if you extrude that circle and increase the rendermesh setting you see that it actually evens out.

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or extrude and make a silhouette you will see that the resulting curve is far better defined.

Thank you for the replies, but while this may seem like an edge-case situation, it will also affect the up-front presentation whenever making large things such as roads and bridges, perhaps larger vessels as well.

The problem is, having a coarsely segmented circle makes it difficult to visually determine of things meet.

I wish the circle/NURB segmentation had a user-settable variable.