QuickTime Plugin problem (5.0.2)

I had a problem using the online help with crashes due to the plug QuickTime. Before the crash Rhino has slowed down a lot to hang up, then appeared an error window that I took a screenshot.

I wonder if this is related to the language localization issues?

Hey @Zsimon, when, exactly, does it crash? Do you have a Command Help panel open? Also, I think I know what that screen-capture is saying, but Google Translate is a little vague. Could you provide a translation?

(edit) Yes, Help Line guide panel open. Rhino began to slow and then crashed. It appeared the window warning that the plugin Quick Time closed. The message allows you to send a report to Apple. I was working so I ignored it and closed Rhino.

Does this happen when you open command help for command like Line? The Line command does not contain video. I suspect something is wrong with command help that loads videos.

You say: “Began to slow and then crashed.” Is this something that is gradual over time? Like, it takes minutes to crash, or seconds?

Help line guide. It took about 15 seconds. YES, the guidance was viewing the video of the command. The video playback is displayed automatically, and remember that previously you had to start it (in fact there was the arrow).

Is anyone else seeing this issue with QuickTime crashing Rhino for Mac when using Command Help with videos?

I managed to capture in a video problem. Aplugin QuickTime.mp4 (1.8 MB) t 00:14" appears in the window of error and 00:27" continues.