Quickly navigate between screen positions

Does anyone know of a quick way to navigate through various screen positions in a grasshopper script?
I want to be able to quickly wire or compare different parts of large scripts.

Using named views could be a really great tool for this but, as far as I can tell, there is no way to restore a view without clicking into the menu. This slows things down quite a bit and, and makes it so I can’t wire between the two saved viewports.

apart from named views there could be something in some plugins, but if you need to bring a wire with you I doubt any of them could work

every time I had big definitions, Telepathy helped me A LOT:

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I like the Jump component because I don’t need to go to the named view dropdown. It takes less mouse movement to navigate on a large screen.


Gosh - this is the first time I’ve seen this. It even lets you create a series of jump locations and then hop from one to the next. Very nice indeed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Yeah that’s a good point, I’ll have to try and integrate telepathy more.

I had no clue about the jump component! Definitely a bit of a hidden Gem. Though I do wish you could use it without the double-click, but I can think of a few ways to wire without that.

Looking into things on my end, I also came up with this hacky way of doing it.
You can use empty wire components, select them, grab a wire, then cltr-left or ctrl-right

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