Quickly clear all selection filter to assign filter manually

Hello - a right click on any filter will set it and clear the others. Does that help?


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The discoverability of these modifier-fu shortcuts is pretty poor. Maybe a tooltip when hovering over the Osnap or Filter toolbars?

Very thanks, it saves a lot of time.
Is there any particular section for sending “Wishlist”, i constantly find some new UI improvements that i think maybe useful to others as well and sometime that can be implemented to rhino by default but it is rather a choice of developer so i am saying it wishlist that can be personal preference. like- rename the “move” command with “Displace” command as it is very basic operation. why i am wanting this because D key is much near to left hand so we can set multiple aliases like DS for simple displace using base point, DV for displace vertical, DX,Y,Z for displace in Cplane X,Y,Z direction. DSR for displace object by picking surface using 3points.
Currently M is very far away from left hand that need much more hand movement to perform this basic task which we do repeatedly.

also useful, I have an alias set to nn_enter for filters - none.

the alias command is selectionfilternone