Quickest way to create a terrain object in Rhino(TIN in sketchup)

Hi, I’ve never done any thing like this in Rhino. I need to form terrain about 500’ x400’ and drape a drone image on in. I then will insert small structures. I could draw curves and loft, but wonder if there are other methods. What tools do I use to paint on the image? And when done, If I exported to Sketchup, would the resulting geometry retain the image when opened in SU?

Hello - does the geometry come in as a mesh or points, or? If points, Patch or MeshPatch will get you something more ‘substantial’ and applying the image as a texture in a material, with planar mapping on the the terrain object seems like it would be a start.


I was trying to create the geometry in Rhino not import. I did a loft of contour curves which worked, the texture mapping did not asked about than in another thread.