Quick way of finding settings/features in Rhino for Mac

I was trying to find “Cursor Tooltips” and it took a few minutes of frustration before I found it. This sort of thing happens to me quite commonly in Rhino for mac because as far as I can tell there’s no fast way to find some things other than looking through all the menus. The search bar under Help is useful but doesn’t cover for example settings.

At the same time, some of the features in Rhino for Windows are missing in Rhino for Mac. It would help to know before you start looking if the thing actually exists at all.

At times this makes for a fairly annoying experience, but I will plod on anyway…

If there is a definitive list somewhere of all WinRhino commands, identifying the current state of MacRhino operationality, this would indeed be pretty useful.

BTW: Thanks for giving The Gumball much greater (complete?) operationality. I missed when this happened but am LOVING the improvement – especially the ability to reorient to object/world/cplane.

The pop ups for entering values are too trigger-happy right now, accidentally appearing often when simply trying to use the Gumball grips w cursor. Maybe a longer delay, or use of the command or option key, or a double-click to actuate pop ups might improve this?