Quick Tip For Making Ribbons

I can’t get jewelers to join this Discourse forum, but I’m making them join Discord from now on if they need help. Someone asked me how to make some ribbon-like surfaces, and it’s too much effort to type - much easier for me to jump into a 5 min Discord screen share to show them.

If it’s worth sharing, I’ll share-screen to youtube live so they get saved. Played around with settings yesterday and we reenacted it last night:

App capture doesn’t pickup anything that’s not docked (_PopUpToolbar, _What), so I’ll have to switch to full screen cap next time.

The Discord server:

My Rhino settings:
People always ask for my Rhino settings, but I have a lot of weird menus, macros, and other things going on. Export your options first so you have a backup. Rename the txt -> ini and just pick the things you want (most people want the display modes).
R7Settings.6.txt (320.0 KB)