Quick step by step needed apply a photo of ruler onto a solid of ruler

have never mapped image to object.

Here is a v simple start.
I have ortho photo of ruler at true scale cropped to ruler, I need to map this onto a solid created of that ruler size.
How ?

I google and it says select object, select material by object , browse to image and hey presto.

However nothing appeared. I did also select colour tick box but no joy.


Hi Steve - see V5 help on ApplyPlanarMapping. There are also links there on that page for how to use materials and textures.


Hi, I followed the command and help panel, it offered uv or uvw, help didnt explain well so i went with uv, channel 1, then that was that, no asking me to browse to image.

try again, click top left, then lower right for box as before, this time uvw, then channel 2, again nothing.


Hi @Steve1,

Sounds like you have set up the mapping but not the material to apply to it. Create a new material and link to your image from the Color setting. Apply that material to the object and it will follow the planar mapping you have set up.

The mapping tells Rhino how to apply a material. The material tells Rhino what to apply.