Quick question!


I’m following a definition I’ve found to create Helicoids but I’m new to Grasshopper and I can’t figure out which set of curves I’m supposed to use. I’ve attached the GH file definition as well as the picture from which I’m copying with the curves circled In red. Thanks for your timeForum Help.gh|attachment (14.3 KB)

Forum Help.gh (14.3 KB)

There are probably many ways to do…

Forum Help_re.gh (11.4 KB)

Thank you, looks and works great!

Hello again! I was wondering if you could help me with one last problem, please? I’m also attempting to add a tapering profile to the helicoid. I would like it to be a power-law tapered profile, (see pictures for cross-sections and graph mapper component). The bottom of the helicoid being the thickest part of the profile and it tapering upward. I really appreciate your help! Thanks!


I don’t understand what are you going to do, anyway, changing profiles by using Graphmapper is not difficult…

Forum Help_reV2.gh (15.8 KB)

Thank you, this really useful!