Quick question: reparametrize numbers

I have bunch of numbers, the boundaries are from 0 to 1. But I want all values lower than 0.4988 to become zero and all numbers between 0.4988 and 1 reparametrize to 0 to 1. This way, 0.4988 would become 0 and 0.4989 would become something like 0.001.

The degrade already does this, but I can’t do it directly to the numbers. Just like that the 0.4988 it’s the minimum value and the other values are distributed between the lower limit and upper limit (from 0.4988 to 1.000).

The file with some tries:
reparametrize example.gh (168.0 KB)

Thank you!!

You could do this to get ‘0 to 1.0’ values but it has no effect on the colors: (maybe that’s the point?)

reparametrize_2019Aug9a.gh (131.7 KB)

Great, Joseph! That what I was needing. Thanks =)