Quick move using gumball to vertex position?

Hi. I’m trying to move the top face from an abject to the same level as the top face of another object using gumball but I can’t get the desired result. Seems that there is no lock or axis movement restriction when dragging the gumball and a simple way to use existing faces/vertexes as reference. For example the Sketchup has a inference locking mechanism by using the arrow keys (right=x axis, left=y, up=z and down=inference), a nice and easy to use feature to quickly and precisely moving objects (faces, vertexes) using the coordinates of other objects/faces/vertexes.

The position of the mouse don’t appear in the screenshots but on the first picture the mouse position was on the top front-right vertex position when I released the mouse, and the second picture it is the result, but obviously it is not what it is should be.

If somebody know a solution for this kind of workflow please post bellow. Thank you.

Hi Macuso - set the Gumball to use ‘Snappy’ dragging rather than smooth (Gumball status bar context menu, in Windows, run the Gumball command to set the option, I think, on Mac, I don’t have a mac handy at the moment), to allow object snapping to the gumball origin.
Does that do it?

Hi Pascal. Thank you for your quick reply. Indeed the ‘Snappy’ option did the trick. Also seems that I need to disable some of the snap options and use only End and Vertex to get the desired result.