Quick macro question

is there a way to select result of _Split via macro ?
currently _SelLast grabs both

Hello - no, I can’t think of a way in a macro - is the goal always to select the innermost or outermost from a simple ‘nested’ split?


I just simply want to extrude the inner one
thnx @pascal

OK, but is this always a simple case of making one split fully inside the boundary of a surface? If so, the rules are clear enough that it could probably be scripted simply enough…


yep! simple ‘bevel’ process
grab a planar srf from a box or cylinder top for eg,
I make a border
scale it in (user value)
split them
& want to able to grab the inner srf
extrude it (user dis)
the entire obj to be joined


OK… I was looking to help with the split and select part… the operation you describe is a bit more involved.


i’ll see if I can make a quick mp4 of what i have so far

the part I’m missing is of course when I manually extude