Quick and Dirty VRay Tests

I took a few of my past projects, which I liked, and took them through VRay 3.6 to see how the work-flow and rendering results compared to what I had been previously using.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I liked working with VRay. Great interface and very fast in it’s rendering. The only thing I can see I might miss is being able to assign different reflection maps to different materials…though I am very much a novice with using VRay so this feature might very well be there.

None of these took more than an hour to set up and light and render out. Considering my lack of experience with VRay, I’m very pleased. They are not perfect and there is a certain feel I’m not quite getting but the images are 90% there and clients would be quite pleased with the results.

I like the GPU implementation and the speed is very, very good. A great job in it’s development and very highly recommended.


Looking good!

You can do per material reflection overrides from within the material options.


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Thanks Travis!

I’m following along in the manual and it seems not to be hooked up. Can you confirm this actually works in Vray3.6 for Rhino.

Working fine here.

Thanks…I work out what I’m doing wrong.

It’s still not working for me. I have the material set exactly like yours but my material ball (in the preview) is black on top. Your’s is reflective.

Any chance you can link a very simple project so I can have a look?


@Pauls sure, here’s a quick sample. material env.zip (14.6 MB)

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Solved…‘GPU Interactive’ is broken. Other rendering combos work fine.

ahhh yes, there are several GPU items that aren’t hooked up yet.

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Is there a list of the major ones not hooked up yet?

Hi @PaulS

I “think” this list is fairly current as to what is and is not supported but don’t quote me on that.