Questions imports and zooms

So I just started working again. I’m required to work in Sketchup as it the only package the big boss has/understands. However, I’m importing into Rhino 7 to do other stuff. Why does the SU import come in with all the diagonal lines? I assume the parts are meshes? Are the meshes heavier than Rhino bits? It’s not that hard to remake the parts in rhino, I just don’t know If I should or need to?

Also, with this project I’m zooming like crazy. I’d like to make aliases ZW for zoom window, and ZT for zoom Target. What would be the syntax to enter in the Alias list?

For planar faces you can use weldVertices + mergeAllCoplanarFaces:

You need to run options command.

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Thanks for the response. I was unaware of “WeldVertices.” Regarding the alias, I added ZW as '_Zoom_window but got “unknown command.” I eventually realized I was missing the space between the m and underscore. Works now.

Also, are meshes heavier than polysurfaces?

Meshes are as lightweight as they come. (This is why games uses mesh-versions of objects. Zillions of them)

// Rolf

That depends on the mesh and what it is intended for. An accurately meshed sphere might much more data than the Rhino sphere, even the Nurbs version of that, depending on just what ‘accuracy’ is.


Pascal, I guess I’m trying to figure out if it’s better to remodel my SU mesh imports in Rhino using the SU model as reference. Would the native Rhino objects be “lighter” than the imported parts?

Hello - judging from the image at the top, these are pretty light, planar meshes, and as far as that aspect goes, I’d stick with meshes. That may limit what you can so if you want to edit, however.