Questions basiques

I am carrying out a project where i need Rhino and Robo DK
I dowloaded the plug-in RoboDK/Rhino.
The fact is that I use a 3D part modeled on Solidworks and I get an STL file.
So from STL file I want to draw a ligne aroung the part in Rhino to send it in RoboDK to simulate and control my robot.
The robot must go through the drawn line in its path.
But i can’t make a line that goes around the part, especially if the part is round.

Someone can explain me how I can do that ? I didn’t find a tutoriel that could help me. Maybe I looked badly…

Thank you so much

from top view run the Silhouette command, that will generate an outline of your part. You can then rebuild, offset or edit the path curve as you see fit.

(you will likely want to rebuild the curve, as it will be very high point count )