Questions about Rhino Slider Evo

Hey y’all,

I’m looking into purchasing the 42" Rhino Slider Evo with Arc and Motion to act as a “second shooter” for interviews and some produced lectures free netflix I’m going to be filming soon. My plan is to have my main camera at approximately 50mm in the center and the Rhino Slider at an angle with a longer lens, closer to 120 on my 70-200 or so. tech news My hope is that it will add some interesting motion to an otherwise visually boring situation. I have two questions:

  1. Does anyone have any experience with the Arc and Motion? I’ve seen a lot of unboxings and some very brief tests, but few longform interview tests with the unit. I’d love to see some real world examples of it in action with a longer lens.
  2. Because I’ll be getting the longer 42" version, I’d like to support it on both sides with tripods or stands. However, this adds a lot to the weight of my gear and setup. Does anyone have any recommendations on tripods or stands which are not too heavy but would be able to support the weight of a heavy lens and a 70-200 as the camera slides across the slider.

Happy to hear thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!

Hi Calum,

I think you are in the wrong Rhino enclosure - this forum is for Rhino the 3D modelling software!